LED Bar & Furniture Hire (Only available through our Leicester office)

Our range of LED Furniture Hire is IP65 rated so can be used both for indoor and outdoor events battery operated lasting for up to 8 – 10 hours.
All our LED Furniture can be set to a range of colours to match your colour scheme and is controlled using an infra-red handheld remote control allowing us to change the colour at a click of a button. There is also a range of inbuilt programs which include colour fades and a strobe effect.

These LED Cubes are the perfect seat for your event; they can be set to a static colour or a variety of modes and colour sequences. Create a stunning seating area that’s perfect for Exhibitions, Weddings, Corporate Events & Private Parties. Our LED Padded Cubes can double as a stunning ice bucket for champagne or bottled beers or as a display behind the bar – the ideal guest welcome for any event.
Cost to hire LED Cubes £18.00 each
Our LED bar is the best way to add an impactful bar / counter space at your event, very quickly and cost effectively. Perfect to use as a cocktail or bottle bar for both private and corporate events as well as at exhibitions. Our LED bar is a modular battery powered bar which can be easily setup and operated using a remote control, the full bar consists of 3 sections, with the two corner section containing a molded ice container with lid.The bar can be remote controlled and set to one of 16 colours, or set to fade between a range of colours. They are easily operated and installed and can be either hired or delivered and installed.
The poseur chairs are perfect to enhance the LED bar or chill out area of any event! The chairs can be in any colour of your choice to suit your own theme, or can be set to automatically change through a variety of colours.



Cost to Hire 3 section Bar (One middle section & two corner sections £200.00 +VAT
Poseur chairs LED £35.00 each – Chrome £10.00 each